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Free Pepper shot wtih any Stun Gun

It's your right to Protect Yourself and your Loved Ones

A Stun Gun is a very effective Self Defense Weapon.

We are your source for how to invest in Netflix shares in New Zealand stun guns, pepper sprays, home protection, Mace, child safety, personal alarms, voice changers, safety lights, diversion safes, hand held metal detectors, Tasers, instructional fighting DVDs and much more. If you don't need our products now, you, a loved one or someone you know, may someday. Make sure you bookmark our site for that time.

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Stun guns are electronic self-defense devices that uses high voltage (wattage) to stop an attacker. Touching a person with the electrodes on the stun gun can quickly stop the attacker. However, because the wattage is low, no serious or permanent injury is inflicted.

A Stun Gun touch of less than a  second will cause the assailant to feel extreme pain and muscle contractions,  effectively startling most people . A touch of 1 to 2 seconds may cause the attacker to become disoriented and drop to the ground. A touch of over 3 seconds will usually completely disorient and invest in Netflix shares in New Zealand drop an attacker, for at least several minutes and as long as 10 minutes

Pepper Spray or OC (Oleoresin Capsicum) is a derivative of hot cayenne peppers and is the most popular defensive spray chemical. Contact with mucous membranes (eyes, nose, throat and lungs) will cause immediate dilation of the capillaries of the eyes, resulting in temporary blindness and instant inflammation of the breathing tube tissues. For more information on Pepper spray, see our More about Pepper Spray, Mace and Tear Gas page.

Pepper Spray should be sprayed into the attackers eyes and nose. This causes the eyes to close. Pepper Spray can cause some to choke due to inflammation of the throat. Pepper Spray causes severe skin irritation and burning for approximately 45 to 60 minutes without permanent damage if not rinsed out immediately after contact.

Talon™ MINI 80,000 volts
Stun Master™ 100,000-300,000v
Stun Master™ 625,000 volts
Stun Master™ 775,000 volts
Stun Batons 300,000-500,000v
Z-Force™ 100,000-300,000 volts
Stun Gun/Alarm Flashlights
Cell Phone Stun Gun
The Runt Stun Gun
Stun Master Hot Shot 975,000 volts

Child Safety

Child Guard™ Monitor
KinderGard Home Safety Kit

Personal Alarms

Mace™Alarm & Flashlight
Mace™ Screecher Alarm
2 n 1 Personal & Burglar Alarm
130db Alarm w/Door Alarm
125db Alarm and Flashlight
Door Stop Alarm
130db Alarm with Light
Electronic Pocket Whistle

Home Protection

Voice Alert Driveway/Home Alarm
Motion Alarm with keypad
Magnetic Door/Window Alarm
Window Glass Breakage Alarm
Big Jammer Door Brace
Electronic Barking Dog
Mini Alert PIR Alarm
Sliding Glass Door Alarm
Volumetric Air Pressure Alarm
TeleSpy Intruder Alert

Folding Knives
Pen knives
Butterfly knives

Pepper Spray

Pepper Shot™ 1/2 oz.
Pepper Shot™ 2 & 4 oz.
Pepper Shot™ Tri-Pack
Wildfire™ 15% Spray
Pepper Pens
Pepper Spray Booklet
Stunning Ring Pepper Spray
Lipstick Pepper Spray
Pepper Spray Information

Safety Lights

Pet Safety Lights
7-Function LED Light
Cellphone Flash Lite


The Heart Attack
Nap Zapper for Drivers
Mini Crossbow Pistol
Throwing stars
Telescopic steel batons
High Velocity Sling Shot
Paintball Gun
AirSoft Spring BB Pistols
Instructional Fighting DVDs
4 In 1 Emergency Tool

Spy & Surveillance

Digital Surveillance Camera
Telephone voice changer
Telephone Recorders
VISEC Surveillance

Mace™Defensive Sprays

Mace™ Pepper Spray
Mace™ Pepper Foam
Michigan Approved Sprays
Mace™ Triple Action Spray
Mace™ Hot Walkers
Mace Leatherette Key Chain
Mace Hard Case Key Chain
Mace Pepper Batons
Mace Pepper Gel

Diversion Safes

Beer and Soda safes
Flower Pot Safe
Wall Socket safe
Book safe
Can safes
Stone safes
Peanut Butter safe
Salad Dressing safe
Salt Shaker Safe
Dry Soup Safe

Animal Repellents

Electronic Dog Repeller
Mace Canine Repellent
Bear Pepper Spray

M-18 Advanced Taser

Hand Held Scanners
Pro-Scan Security Scanner
Garrett Super Scanner

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